I have been feeling pretty down on myself lately. But that is another post for another time. Instead, lets talk about running! #shocker

Today I had a 45 min run planned with 10 x 30second intervals at 5K pace followed by 1:30 easy effort. There was a warm up and cool down in there too. Yes, it rained. Yes, it took me 15 minutes to talk myself out the door but I am so glad I did.

A well-known local runner near where I grew up always said “Wet soles cleanse the soul.” Maybe it wasn’t his original statement, maybe it was. Whatever, I love it and think it’s so true.

Todays run was chilly! I rocked my ear warmers, gloves and thick socks for todays run.

post-run stretch + funky socks

Before I stretched and rolled like a good little runner I also rode my bike ( on my trainer) for 30 minutes. It was a good way to help shake out my legs and get some more cardio in. Cross training is what’s up.

Tonight I went to my local book store in search of a few books on sports psychology. I need to up my mental game. Really I went there looking for a book that said “Do this to be a fast as hell runner” but oddly enough found no such book. I did find a book with different quotes about running. Loved them all!

I also picked up a book that was titled “Boston Marathon: How to Qualify!” I mean, there is an exclamation point in the title, how can it NOT be the perfect book.

I looked through a few of the chapters but there was also a page on the top qualifying marathons in the country.

Steamtown is actually ranked pretty high. wah, I hope that doesn’t mean I have no chance at ever getting in….

I am off to scare away the rest of the trick or treaters rest up for tomorrow’s run. It’s the return of the hill tempo repeats. EIGHTOFTHEMHOLYHELLIALREADYHAVEANXIETYABOUTIT



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