Geeking Out

Earlier today I was chatting with a friend about the NYC Marathon.  She is (so awesomely) running this year and we were talking about how amazing it will be.  I feel like I get emotional watching any race let alone a race, in my opinion, in the greatest city every.  New York is no joke and to be out there running with 39,999 other people is just so amazing to me!

I just found out that the requirements to get into the New York City Marathon recently changed.  The times are insane.

I was almost wondering if I could qualify for entry with my (to me) “fast” half marathon time of 1:42.  HA.  yea right.

In my opinion these times are CRAZY and it isn’t even the most elite race I could think of.  Maybe because the times are so incredibly far-fetched for me?  When I think of qualifying for any race and running something that is an elite field, I automatically think of Boston.  Boston’s times dropped 5 minutes this past year.  If I would have tried to qualify last year, I would have been in no problem since the requirement for my age group was 3:40.

Luckily for me there is one more year that New York Marathon is participating in a lottery drawing.  I was convinced to enter the lottery because, why not?!

That would be the most epic year of running if I got to run NY ANDDDD Boston all in the same year?  I would probably crap my pants.  seriously.

I feel like I should probably comment that I don’t think every race will be fast and amazing and allllll that.  But for some reason I am fascinated by how fast these times are getting.  That just means that there are normal, everyday people out there that are SO incredibly fast.  Times that I bust my ass and train so hard for come to them so easily.  I get all geeked out over it and think it’s awesome!

You know what else I have been geeking out over lately?

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it here before but it’s awesome.  It is a database that stores pretty much any race you ever ran in.  Times, dates, locations…you name it, it’s there.  I love being able to look back and see where I was in good shape, where I definitely could have trained harder, races I ran with friends and races where I showed improvement.

What do you think about the times for all of these big marathons?

Anyone ever go to athlinks and stalk themselves, or others? 😉



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