Cheering is no joke

Since I wasn’t able to participate in the race I decided to wake up early and get my run over with so I can focus on my friends and family racing.

The only time I was able to run would be before the sun comes up.  That left me with the treadmill.  Safety First.

I ran a 10 minute warm up and 50 minutes at 8:00 pace.  I made the incline at 1.5% to try to make it as similar to being outside as possible.  Let me tell you…the entire time I was running I was so glad I wasn’t racing later in the morning. It was a shitty shitty run.  I mean, I did it but it sucked.

I sweat more than normal, my breathing was super labored, I couldn’t find a rhythm.  It sucked.  But, whatever, it was over and I could focus on the task at hand….CHEERING!

We got to the start nice and early and met up with two friends that were also running.  Unlucky for me, I didn’t get to catch any photos of my old roomie and this was her first half!  She kicked ASS but I am pretty bummed I have no photo evidence.

Once the runners started I got to hang out with these guys to cheer our faces off!

Let me tell you…. Cheering is no joke.   The way the course was set up, mile 12 and the finish were close to each other so I bounced back and forth trying to cheer people on with a mile left and scream them into the finish.

I am so proud of everyone that ran today!  Although I didn’t get to run with them I tried my best to let them know that I was pumped for them and I wanted to pay back all the cheering and support they give me all the time!

One thing I did learn this weekend?  Cheering is NO joke. I am so tired.  I mean, I may or may not have complained about how tired I was.  Ha. I didn’t even just bust my ass and run a race, I was a cheerleader.  Let me tell you, I have a much better appreciation for the screaming, cowbell shaking supporters!

Congrats to everyone that raced this weekend!!  You’re all super kick-ass.



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