That time I wasn’t allowed

Let me explain…

Saturday morning bright and early I headed down to meet my mom so we can get some shopping in before heading to the Runners World Half Marathon expo.  After we scratched the shopping itch we headed over to gawk at running celebs and pick up our race bibs.

We also sat in on a seminar about how every runner can get better.  More on that later…. But while listening to the speakers we had lunch.  Clearly a lunch of champions.

At the expo we spotted running celebs like Matt Long, Bart Yasso, Amby Burfoot…and we even got a glimpse of my new idol Shalane Flanagan.

After a day of completely geeking out on all things running I got an email from my coach.  The email I was dreading actually. He said it would be best for me to not participate in the 1/2 marathon.  WAHHHHHHH. 😦

I was the most bummed ever.  He said he would rather me not run for a few reasons.  I have a few goals I am working towards so I need to focus on the big picture.  With the marathon being only 2 weeks ago, participating in a race situation wouldn’t be best for my training.  He said, from a coaching standpoint, it would be best for me to run the scheduled stamina run which was only 60 minutes rather than a 2 hour easy, long run.

That was bittersweet news for me.  I wanted to do whatever my coach thought was best and the idea of running fast and longish was awesome.  But at the same time I was really looking forward to running with my friends and family on a course that was organized by the greatest running source ever.

I stuck to my schedule and decided that I would do what my coach wanted and that would allow me to finally be a cheerleader for all the people that are always a huge support to me!

Payback time 😛



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