I think it’s love- Mizuno Love

I know have bragged about my love affair with my sneakers.  I have run in DS Trainers for years.  Through different colors and models, the Asics DS Trainer sneaker has been my go-to for running.

After each long run my calf, lower near my achilles, was always sore but I just figured it was the increase in mileage.  After I finished the marathon the pain in my calves was almost unbearable!  Turns out it might have actually been my sneaker!

I went and spoke to a super educated runner about different sneakers and what might be better options for me.  I knew I wanted to stay in a sneaker that offered a good amount of support but also one that was flexible and light.  He recommended I try the Mizuno Wave Elixir 7.

According to the Mizuno website:

Performance Running Support | Moderate Over Pronation

The latest update to the Wave Elixir is the lightest and fastest yet thanks to the incorporation of all the latest SmoothRide elements..

Combination G3/blown rubber forefront outsole design for cushioning, flexibility, and lightweight “

I was apprehensive about even trying these but let me tell you… I am so glad I did.

I think it’s love.

These sneakers are realllllly light. I love that
These sneakers are realllllly flexible.  I love that
These sneakers look fast.  I reallllly love that.

I am proclaiming my love for these but I have to say I haven’t run longer than 40 minutes in them.  I feel that 60 minutes is the make it or break it mark.  I plan on putting a good amount of miles on them this weekend so I will report back as to whether or not these sneakers are good for longer runs too, but I have my hopes up!

I highly recommend going to your local running store and picking the employees brains.  That’s exactly what I did and I think, not only was the man who helped me a sneaker genius…he is also a wonderful matchmaker 😉



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