Doctors, WODs and Cross Training

Monday things took an interesting turn…. I woke up feeling totally ok but I had this weird thing on my eye.  It was itchy and uncomfortable and a little red.  By the afternoon my eye was SO annoying and my throat kind of hurt.  I decided to go to a walk in clinic since all of my coworkers convinced me I would soon be dead from shingles.

Luckily I would survive.  I had an infection on my eyelid which supposedly can be treated with the ointment I got but what else?  Oh just strep throat and a sinus infection.  Like I said, Monday morning I was fine.  Monday evening?  near death.

I am getting pretty good at nursing myself back to health. Lots of chicken soup, vitamin C, fluids and rest.  Monday night I did just that…nursed myself back to health!

My bowl thinks I am amazing therefore it must be true

I swear by the rest part of getting better.  I may or may not have went to bed at 7 Monday night.  Shut up about it.

I woke up yesterday still wonkey eyed but feeling MUCH better!  Even today I still have the skank on my eye so I am not sure the deal. I think I might need to go back to the doc to see what it’s all about.

Besides being Nurse GM, yesterday I had my very first coaching experience!

loved it.  I didn’t take any pictures since it was my first time but trust me, I kicked everyone’s butt, in a good way!  The final workout looked like this:

12 minutes AMRAP

6 thrusters
8 burpees
10 pull ups
12 box jumps

I was definitely nervous going into it but once I got started it felt so natural!  I started with a warm up, light stretch and then…show time.  Everyone that participated did great and I got awesome feedback about my coaching skills!  Like I said, I loved it!

On the workout front….

I am really taking advantage of the whole “give yourself a full 2 weeks to recover after a marathon” idea.  I haven’t had any hard runs… and now I am itching to get out there.  BUT, I am being smart and sticking to little running with lots of cross training!  Today I did an easy 20 minute run followed by 40 minutes of the elliptical.

Notice something different about those pictures…

hint hint… I might be cheating on my beloved Asics….and I am not regretting it…

What’s your favorite way to cross train?



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