Food Shopping

Last night when I said I needed to get myself ready for the work week, I really meant plopping on the couch and devouring this…

Funny story how I got that…

A week ago or so J’s sister texted me that she had food for us and would be putting it the freezer.  I had no clue what she was talking about, but ok, cool thanks!

I got home that day and my freezer was stocked full of Digiorno pizzas, M & M ice cream sandwiches and Twix ice cream deliciousness.  Now, when I am 4,000 pounds and J breaks up with me I will be blaming her and only her for forcing me to eat all this fatty delicious food before it goes bad 😛

Tonight I plan on making dinner and an apple crisp!  Just some more junk food deliciousness!

It will be a complete rest day for this girl.  I have done some sort of cross training every day since the marathon and mentally, I need a break.  I don’t know why but if I look back at my schedule and see there has been no complete rest day, my head gets all weird.  So, in order to prevent the weirdness I am taking today off!

I am having a hard time lately with food shopping….

I go to the store every weekend for a bigger food shop and end up spending about 60-80$.  But I don’t go with a plan. I just go and buy stuff.

Mistake 1- No plan

It never fails that since I don’t have any specific meals in mind I am always short 1 or 2 ingredients, so back the store I go.  I end up going back to the store at least 2 more times that week and spend another 20-40$ more each time.  And that’s being nice…usually I spend a little more than that!

Mistake 2- Indecisiveness

My nickname is Fickle Fran.  I have SUCH a hard time making decisions.  And once I do I change my mind about 15 time more.  No joke.  So for me to write out a menu for the week on Sunday is hard…by Monday night tacos sound way better than grilled chicken.

Mistake 3- No budget

Like I said, I go to the food store and just buy stuff. I bring my wallet and pay when I am done.  Easy.

I am working on being better about food shopping and not spending ALL THE MONEY on food… hopefully I can start by correcting those three major mistakes.

Any suggestions though, send them my way!

Do you have a food shopping method that works well and want to share?!



2 thoughts on “Food Shopping

  1. Dude… that ice cream looks Bomb…

    As far as grocery shopping goes, I have the same issue but I have a few ways to fix this… If you make a meal plan you can plan to eat a certain meal on a certain day. However if you do what I do its a little easier to go based on your cravings.

    Monday -Chicken
    Tuesday – Pork
    Thursday -Fish
    Friday- By ear or Crock Pot Dinner
    Saturday- By ear
    Sunday-By ear

    I usually plan out Mon thru Thurs and try and pick a protien each night and make a meal around that. You can take any protien out in the morning. I usually try and stock my fridge and freezer with veggies and fruits to cook with for the week. So I try and go shopping on Sundays… IF I shop after work I time myself and usually say dont spend more than 10bucks tonight… and that usually keeps me in line.

    Buying all at once or multiple times a week either one is fine as long as you have a budget and by foods that you can eat right away. Fridays I try and make a Chili or something that will be ready when I get home. It also lends to leftovers on the weekend which is helpful if I need food and then need to run out the door quick.

  2. I admit, I LOVE food shopping, but it’s because I have a system that I have been doing for several years. Brace yourself.

    I have a little velcro board for up to a month of planning ahead, (it’s a calendar, basically) and all the dinners I regularly make are written on little cardboard squares with more velcro on the back. I pull out my pouch ‘o meals and plan out my week. Then I print out a grocery list.

    My grocery list is a list of EVERYTHING I generally buy at the store. I look at my meals, check my pantry, and then go through my list and circle everything that I need, and cross off what I don’t. (it takes a while to develop a complete list, but once you do, you never have to think about it again! Just print and circle!) If I’m trying a new recipe, there is whitespace on my list to add stuff.

    Then off to the store! I let myself buy a couple of things off-list if I need them. And maybe a treat, but once I’m at the store, I try really hard to stick to the list.

    Having a system in place already was a lifesaver when we had extended family move in with us a couple months ago and I now cook for ten people. Seriously, Life. Saving.

    (BTW, I’m a new reader and mostly just lurk, but I have really been enjoying reading.:))

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