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Not too much going on over here!  I am still making out with my foam roller every night and I haven’t run yet.  I KNOW!  Tomorrow I plan a super easy run and some more cross training.  Nice and easy this week.  I am recovering right, not jumping back into it too early so I can come back stronger and better than ever.

I have also been trying to enjoy walking.  Just regular old walking.  I get dressed like I am going to run, put some tunes on and walk.  The dogs come and I usually end up dragging Lola but they come regardless.  Jake loves it.  Lola hates me more and more every time.  This is obviously her preferred method of travel

I have been using the elliptical every day this week but today opted for the bike instead.  It is cold and windy here today so I biked in the garage…door closed and all.

That is one of my favorite issues of Runners World.  Seriously.  It has articles about what to wear in different temperatures, information for marathon recovery and when to race again…and then my favorite: An article written by Amby Burfoot, one of the magazines editors.

If you get the chance to read this article, do it.  Hell, ask to borrow my magazine so you can read it.

The article talks about A. Burfoots experience with running and streaking.  He talks about starting running and training physically as well as mentally.  The topics of injuries, weight and cross-training are discussed.  It is basically a short guideline for everything important in running.  Seriously. I love it.

Much to J’s delight, I have been sitting on the couch for the past half hour reading different quotes that I love….which is basically the entire article.

For example, on brain training…

“We obsess over pace, finish times, heart rate, lactate threshold and running economy, as if these determine who we are as runners.  They don’t.  They might contribute to your half marathon PR and even your health, but they don’t define you as a runner.  There is muscle fiber and then there are the 50 shades of gray matter between your ears.  The second is more important than the first.  If you want to success as a lifelong runner, you’ll gain more payback from brain-training than from any other workouts.  In other words, you need to create self-reinforcing motivational patters that build  a strong foundation under your fitness…

Running is easy: Put one foot in front of the other.  Staying motivated to run requires much more”

That’s just one piece of the article.  It’s seriously that good.

As for the rest of the weekend I plan on NOT setting an alarm, enjoying the fall weather and taking it easy.

Recovery week at its finest 🙂



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