Because I can’t stop obsessing

Remember I said I wasn’t sleeping well?  Apparently this weekend has been on my mind a lot more than I expected!

When J came to bed last night, a good 3 hours after me, I asked him what the results were…

G: What are the results?
J: What are you talking about
G (clearly sleeping):What are the results?!?!

Apparently I am a mean sleep talker…. After he refreshed my memory, I have no idea what I was dreaming about I remember that conversation.  I also remember being so annoyed he didn’t understand me and that quickly turning into me being really embarrassed because I didn’t understand me.

I have been waiting for the race to post photos from this weekend and today was that day.  Needless to say I am not the prettiest or most photogenic when I am running.

Exhibit A

I look terrified.  Either someone jumped out of a bush and scared me or I just sharted…one of the two.

Exhibit B

The finish line….Why is my jaw just hanging open.  Every picture taken in the last 2 miles look the same.
Apparently when you bonk you lose all control of your face…all of it

And one more example of a lifeless jaw.  I am apparently really sad at mile 18 too.

I keep going back and looking at the results hoping there was a HUGE error and acccctually, the course was too long and the 26.2 miles I ran got me qualified.  Ha.

nothing changed…

18/116 age group 25-29 women

488/1957 finishers

I am also agonizing over my splits.

I like the way that looks!  even around mile 20/21 I was nice and strong……

and then

ok I am done now.



2 thoughts on “Because I can’t stop obsessing

  1. I know you’re really bummed about missing your goal… but I am just so impressed with your splits. I am also certain you will BQ. You were so close (omg I know how frustrating that is) but you obviously CAN do it, and you will.

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