One more emo post

I had to leave work early yesterday.  Seriously.

The combination of pms, exhaustion and confusion got to me and I was that girl trying to pretend I was yawning and that’s why there were tears streaming down my face. “I swear, it was a yawn, not me obsessing over 90 seconds.”

I am full of emotion.  I go from one extreme to the next.  I am pissed and eager to get running.  I am sad that I have been talking about this race since January, 10 months ago…and something like a rookie mistake of not properly fueling is what (I believe) held me from reaching my goal.
I know that I am new to marathon running.  This was #3.  My first two experiences were all about simply crossing the finish line.  This one meant more to me.  This one I was running to reach a goal.  A big PR and BQ.  Yes, I hit one of two goals and I will eventually be super proud and happy with that, but it will take time.  That’s fair, at least in my book.

I am not saying a 3:36:35 marathon is bad.  HELL NO.  If you told me at the end of last year that I would run a marathon anywhere in the 3:30’s I would have told your you’re crazy.  I never thought that I would be able to pull those kind of numbers.

Despite what my feet say, that’s an 8:06 pace around mile 17

This race…this whole training cycle really…has turned me into a believer.  I know I can BQ.  I have it in me.  And I swear I will be done obsessing and stop with these super emo posts soon.

I learned a lot about junk miles and how they can do more harm than good.
I learned how crucial cross-training is.
Whether I like it or not, I also learned that my body can’t handle high-intensity and high-mileage.

In a perfect world I would be able to run 50 mile weeks and go to CrossFit 3 times a week.  I am no Emily though, my body can’t handle that much and it showed.  When I started to focus on running, working with a coach, working towards one goal of running a fast marathon I started to notice the difference. I was able to reach the paces I needed during workouts.  Being able to run for 2 hours was never my problem.  Being able to run for 2 hours at a pace that is uncomfortable for me was my problem.  After Sundays performance, I can definitely say I am able to run at an uncomfortable pace for a lot longer than I ever thought possible.

Somewhere around mile 20

Like I said, yes this is only marathon #3… but another HUGE difference with this compared to the other 2 I have run?

I am itching to get back out there

For my other races, before I even crossed the finish line I was saying I will never EVER do another marathon and I have no desire to run ANYTIME soon.

Not this one.  I have unfinished business.  There is a fire lit under my ass.  Less than 48 hours later and I am already searching for what my next marathon will be, new sneakers have already been ordered and I am doing everything I can to help recover from the race so I can get out there and run.  Not even for time or a pace… I just love to run.  And I am looking forward to my next run, already.

A painful everything won’t allow me to run for a few days weeks I don’t know how long.  I did an easy swim yesterday and plan the same thing today. My knees, quads and even toe nails are still in pain.  yes, pain, not just achy…pain.  But I am doing anything I can to speed up the recovery process.  I won’t rush it because staying healthy and not getting injured is my number one priority right now.

But I am ready.  I am ready to run, to sweat…and I am ready for redemption.



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