Race Time

Welp, I went to the expo.  Nothing to brag about.  It was ok.  I literally got my packet and left.  I was nervous and all the nervous energy in the gym where it was held was making me more nervous.  There was something interesting….

I know the picture is small but you get the idea….. That’s the last 3 miles of the race.  Mind you the first 23 are pretty much a gradual down, they thought they would save the hills till the end.  Assholes.

The packet and bag were pretty lame.  Lamest of any race I have done.  I got the customary T-shirt and a coupon for my local Y all in a plastic grocery store bag.  Like I said, lame.

I got home and tried on my outfit for race day.  I am hoping my bib holds up ok on my shorts.

I decided on shorts, tank with a long sleeve.  and I am bringing a sweatshirt to wear until the start.  Gloves too.  Need to just find those bad boys them I am all set!

The amount of love and support  I have gotten is unreal.  Not just today but throughout all my training for this race.   From facebook messages to emails and texts, I am so grateful.  I have spent at least the last 15 weeks talking about this race, talking about my training and everything/anything related to running.  In the interim, I have converted a few run-haters into love-runners.  Heck, I even have a friend that didn’t run her first half yet and is already thinking about her first full.

I seriously could not have gotten through this training, or even tomorrow, without my family, friends and even some people I have never met.

No matter what happens tomorrow I know I am leaving it all out there.  I KNOW I will PR, I KNOW I can BQ but I also know unexpected shit can happen.  I am hoping for the best and just running my race giving it all I got.  I am also going to make sure I HAVE FUN. I think it is easy for me to get lost in the numbers and the goals but I also need to remember that I trained hard and worked my ass off, I don’t want it to suck regardless of my performance.

See ya after I kick some 26.2 ASS!



6 thoughts on “Race Time

  1. You’ve got this! And I’m counting on you to BQ, as you are my race twin.:) and mile 23 can be your halfway point, so you mentally save some power for those hills. That was rude of them for sure.

  2. You can do this!! I look forward to reading all about it! My brother is hoping to BQ at next year’s Steamtown, so I shared your blog with him. I’m a slowpoke runner, but you are inspiring!

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