Suck it up and run

I have been a debbie downer.  Big time.

That’s NO attitude for a girl who is about to PR and get a BQ time, right?  (see the positive attitude I have?!)

Ok… I am at least TRYING to change my attitude.

I got an email from my coach after I complained about the weather, my cold, and anything else I could think of.  His advice?

“Suck it up and run. Keep focused on the task at hand and none of that other stuff will matter”


I did a little pinterest searching and found a few pins I plan on staring at over the next 36 hours

I want a killer time.  It is super important to me.  I have worked my ass off.  I want to leave everything I have out there.  I want to finish knowing I used all I got.  I believe I can do this.

I am also working on finding a Mantra.  Something I can repeat to myself when I hit a hard spot, whether it be mentally or even a hill.

Mantra suggestions?! GO.



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