The Simply Bar

A couple of weeks ago the nice people over at Simply bar sent me a few of their protein bars to test out. Honestly, before they emailed me I had never heard of them.  I was super impressed!

From their website:   “It is unique in that it has the most protein for the least calories. What’s best about all our high protein snacks is that they are all gluten-free, vegan, kosher, all natural, and suitable for a variety of dietary needs. They are easy to digest and are perfect for celiacs, athletes, mothers, and vegans”

They sent me four different flavors to try out and I loved all of them, even the lemon coconut which sounds so strange but tastes so delicious!  My favorite part of the protein bars was the nutritional information:

160 calories
16g protein
<4g Fat
<3g sugar
<16g carbs
Few ingredients

I have tried a lot of protein bars and I am always looking for one with low calories, high protein and one that doesn’t taste like butt.  I think I found a winner!  Just as important as the nutrition content, these even taste good!  All the flavors I tried were tasty.  The bar itself tasted light and airy.

A couple of days last I week I even paired the Simply bar with an apple or a yogurt and I was full enough to call it lunch!

One other thing about the Simply Bar that I also loved was the fact that the bars were gluten-free and vegan! I know when I was experimenting with being a vegan a few years ago I had a really hard time finding a protein bar that tasted good and had no animal products.

I would definitely recommend these bars to anyone looking to find a new protein bar.  You can purchase a sample pack of the 4 flavors I tried and see for yourself!


These opinions are my own. The Simply Bar provided me with the product to sample and to review. I was not compensated beyond product samples for this post. I am not a certified nutritionist.  I am sharing my thoughts based on experience and research.


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