1. the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

Choosing a major in school that I knew I would have to work my butt of for but doing it anyway (Biochemistry)

Moving out of mom and dad’s to live alone for 3+ years

Cutting my hair.  silly but true.

Running a race, any distance, with a goal time in mind

Everyday I think about my training.  A marathon.  Sure, I want to run it fast.  I want to BQ.  But a marathon.  That’s no joke.  26.2 miles.  Running.   Sometimes I don’t even like to drive that far and I willingly signed up to run that distance.

Lately in my training I have been thinking about how I am trying for a hefty goal.  The time I want is a stretch, but definitely possible.  Why not just try for a 3:45 marathon?  I know I can get that time.  How would that be brave of me though?  No.  I am going for the challenge.  If I don’t make it, there will be more marathons but I know I would be disappointed if I didn’t at least try.

As a reminder, I got myself a little gift. 

I train every day.  When I train, I train hard.  Sometimes I want to stop, or quit, or I think negatively.  Some days are better than others but it is a nice reminder that I am able to do this…. I just need to keep that courage.

When I ordered my bracelet I also got my two favorite girls gifts.

They don’t know it yet, but I got them each a bracelet as a reminder of how courageous they both are.  The have both overcome some serious obstacles in their lives.  From when they were younger to even a week ago, they have both dealt with pretty crappy situations.  And if it wasn’t for their bravery, their courage, they wouldn’t be the amazing people they are today.

On top of being an awesome motivation, the Endorphin Warrior bracelet’s are also awesomely made.  The training bracelet and leather cord bracelet alike are both quality bracelets.  The package you receive has information on care for the bracelets but they are made to be worn all the time….sweat and all!

Endorphin Warrior has offered to give a reader a Warrior Training Bracelet of their choice.

To enter leave a comment about which bracelet you would choose and why.

You can earn extra entries by (leave a comment for each)…

-liking Endorphin Warrior on Facebook.
-Following Endorphin Warrior on Twitter.
-Follow Me on twitter and tweet about the giveaway

Winner will be randomly picked Monday, September 24.



18 thoughts on “Courage

  1. I like the one that says “Unbreakable.” I feel like that would be really motivating to look at when things got tough – like in the last couple miles of a race.

  2. I would want Persevere since I have been through a lot and I keep on going for more and more… This is a really cool idea because when you get to “that”point in any workout, run or life you can look down and remember why to keep fighting to keep pushing and keep crushing towards the next goal in life!!!

    Get that BQ Girl…

  3. These are great! I like the one that says Focus. Even though I may not be a runner I always have to remind myself to focus on what’s important in life. My kids are the most important things I focus on!

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