How to and a Garmin

How to have the most supportive boyfriend ever:

1.Have him help you drive the course and drop water with you

2.Beg him to bring you to the beginning of your run at 6:30 am on a Saturday…and be on stand by for the next 3 hours then beg him to pick you up so you can run the course the right way.

3. Complain over and over again about how much your Garmin is sucking and how a new one would really make your life better…..

oh….what’s that?!

Seriously.  This kid is just the best.  He got a new Forerunner 110. And I love it.  LOVE it!  I used it for yesterdays run.

I did have the Forerunnner 405 but it sucked.  I had it for over 5 years and it was tired. The touch bezel was super touchy-in a bad way, the pace was never right while I was running.  It would recalculate at the end of a run so I was able to see the pace of my run but that didn’t help while I was running.

The 110 is heaven in a watch.  It has everything I need…. Pace, Time, Distance and I can set it to auto-lap every mile so I have splits.  That’s all I need and this is perfect.  It doesn’t hurt that it was purchased with lots of love from the best dude ever.

Thanks J for being so supportive.  Homeboy isn’t a runner and may not really completely “get” the whole running thing yet.  I mean, why on earth would you willingly run so far or so long.  No one is chasing you.  Go throw a barbell around instead. Despite not having a running background he is still so supportive and I feel so so lucky to have him in my corner.

Thanks J ❤



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