Vacation Day

It’s Friday.   Go Crazy.  Wear Mustache Socks.

Or even better.   Take a vacation day. That’s what all the cool kids are doing 😛

I needed a break.  Whatever you want to call it…wimpy, pussing out, loser, I don’t care.  I was tired. I was crank.  And I have vacation time to spare so I took a vacation day today.  A day to do things for me.

Really, I am just away all weekend so I have chores to do but the main selling point of taking today off?  Sleeping till 7. That is 3.5 hours longer than normal.  Glorious.

Since I knew I wouldn’t be waking up early this morning J and I went out to dinner last night.

It was a Friday kind of Thursday

I ordered a beer but water seemed much more appealing.  Don’t worry, it didn’t go to waste.  J finished it for me then I had to drive him home. 

This morning, after sleeping in I headed to a nearby gym. I payed WAY too much for a one day pass because it was more treadmill hill repeats.  8 of them this time.  Death. 5% incline, 7:08 pace, 3:30. eight times.  That was tough.  But I did it and survived.  I am going to be extra nice to my legs today in order to prep for tomorrow’s long run!  Tomorrow I have 20+ on the course followed by an afternoon recovery run. Hopefully my legs and brain cooperate!  Last long run before taper. HOLY SHIT TAPER ALREADY WHAT THE HELL.. that’s a conversation for another day…….

I got home and had some breakfast.

chobani + 1/2 bagel

I never buy bagels.  Ever.  But yesterday I made a rookie mistake and stopped at the food store while I was hungry.  I went in for apples and bananas.  That’s it.  But somehow I ended up with these delicious things too.

As for the rest of the day I will be taking care of a pretty easy to-do list and hopefully some R & R.   This weekend I am heading out to my hometown for bridal festivities tomorrow and then enjoying AMAZING weather at the GIANTS GAME!

This girl is also going to be with me all weekend and we are planning a slumber party saturday night!  It looks like a fun weekend!

I am off to enjoy my day off 🙂    Hope you do something nice for yourself this weekend!



3 thoughts on “Vacation Day

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