Quitter and Ambassador

Seriously.  Why can’t I just turn my brain off sometimes?    If anyone knows HOW to do that, please let me know ASAP.  It has been getting in the way for way too long now.

Yesterday I had a shitty tempo run.  I can’t even tell you why.  Sure, it was hot out.  Yea, maybe my calves were a little tired.  But no.  That is no excuse.  Those weren’t the reasons I gave up.  My brain was having legit convulsions at the idea of running fast for an extended period of time.

My Garmin has been on the fritz for a while now.  It picks up satellite but while I am running the pace is WAY off.  As soon as I stop it figures itself out and everything is just dandy.  That does NOT help me mid run.

Yesterday I had to do 30 minutes around a 7:30 pace.  ok.  I KNOW I can handle that.  Well this is what happened while running:

running, running, running, look at watch and it says 6:55.  oh shit i better slow down.  run run run, 9:58 WHAT?! run run run 6:33 WTF!?!??! enter anxiety and rage for my broken POS watch

See?  How can a run like that be pleasant.  IT CAN’T THATS HOW!

sooooo.  i wimped out at 23 minutes. dumb dumb dumb.  My average pace was 7:25.  Needless to say I am still beating myself up for being a quitter. and a loser.  and all of that.  dumbass.

While I was sulking about being a loser I found something new and exciting to do.
Watch J shave.  He has to do it outside in order to avoid getting hair everywhere.

I am sure he appreciates that I documented that.

I made up for my quitting and sulking by swimming today.  I did NOT want to get in the pool but I am so glad I did.  It was the first swim where I felt like I was actually pushing myself and didn’t look like a drowning cat.  Success.

Today I got some sweet stuff in the mail!

heck yea man!  You are looking at the newest Sweat Pink Ambassador!  I am pretty pumped about it!  Basically their motto is work hard and play hard!  That’s what I try to do so I am happy to be a part of such an awesome community!


I am really looking forward tomorrow! I will share why  tomorrow 😛

Tell me, how do you stop beating yourself up after doing something dumb.  Because I am still pretty pissed about last nights run, I want a re-do.




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