Fall and Coach update

Oh Hi there!   Sorry for the MIAness.  I have no good reason.

honestly, I have been a brat.  yep. I have been moping lately. and feeling sorry for myself.  I have been a big fat cry baby and I don’t know why.

No..that’s a lie.  I know why… I am a twenty something girl with a dead-end job that doesn’t know where she is going or how to get there.   I also think my training cycle doesn’t help.  I mean, getting up at 3:30 most days is my choice because it’s what works best for my schedule, but eventually it will take a toll on you.   I don’t even want to START talking about the taper crazies that will happen in a few short days…..

I have a great life.  Really… I have my health, my family, my friends, I have it all really.  But the past few days I have had a hardcore case of the blahs and I wasn’t in the mood to post.  Rather than doing something I enjoy (blogging) I decided to be a waste and continue to feel sorry for myself for no reason.  This chick posted a similar blog today and it made me feel better.  Yea, that’s bitch. I guess misery loves company…but she helped open my eyes that how I feel is kinda normal and I need to get over it.

moving on……..

This weather.  amazing.

Crunching park leaves

Fall flavored nail polish

got it— gold random nail is NOT a good look. thanks for the J…and mom


And even a sweater thrown in there! So what if I was wearing cropped pants with it

Other than enjoying the changing season I have also been following my training plan to a T.  So, like I said a while back I have a coach that I am working with for this training cycle.  We communicate via email every day and depending on how my legs feel he adjusts my training plan accordingly.  I figured now that I am in my final week of heavy training I would update you on how its going!

 Overall the training is awesome but there are a few things that have surprised me.

  • I don’t run super high mileage weeks.  I workout 6 days a week but not always running.   Whether it is 20 minutes or an hour, I am either biking, swimming or on the elliptical every day. I have never cross trained more in my life
  • Not having high mileage weeks messes with my head.  I read all these other  marathon  blogs and they are all running 50+ miles a week.  umm…. now that I am into the high teens on my long runs I am in the 40’s but that is only because of my long run.  I typically trained at 35-40 mile weeks for a half.  This is messing with my head.  For my brain I wish I was running high mileage but really, so far so good.  And I think my legs agree
  • Every minute of my runs are calculated.  From a 15 minute warm up at a certain pace to the pace of my 10 minute cool down.  There is not one run where I just go out there and run.  It works well though.  Most of the paces are comfortable or a little challenging so I don’t hate how strict it is. I am sure if I had to run a sucky pace all the time I would hate it.
  • It’s not the same every week.   Any other race I have trained for I was always all about a schedule.  Tuesdays were for speed, Thursdays was a mid-distance type run..always the same each week.  Yes, I still have long run Saturdays and Sunday rest days but other than that, it’s different each week.
  • Running for time doesn’t suck as bad as I thought.  This was the huge ‘huh?!’ for me when I first started working with him.  I was used to setting out for 4 miles, not 3o minutes. The only time I hate this is when I cut a run too short and need to do multiple laps around my neighborhood to make up time.  That sucks.

Like I said, so far so good.  I am learning a lot and making sure to ask questions along the way.  The one thing the coach said to me was “Trust me” in the very beginning and that’s what I have done.  Less than a month out until race day.

Now…. I need to really get working on my confidence….

How is your training going!? Any awesome tidbits of information you want to share?!  TELL ME!



3 thoughts on “Fall and Coach update

  1. Hang in there Lady!!! And snap out of it, because I wanna see your skinny bum cross the Boston Finish Line in 2013, When you qualify in less than a month!!! Then I will buy you a yummy Boston Beer or Two or Three!!! So Go and Get It Girl…

    Besides how am I gonna push myself to roll outta bed in the dark and work out if you don’t!!!

  2. God you’re such a bitch. JK so far vodka and wine are decent cures but a good too-hard-for-thinking rage run has been the best so far. But then again I don’t have any of those cookies…

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