The past few days

What a busy, great weekend so far!  I need to fill you in!  A few good workouts in the book for this girl!

It started thursday.    I had cross training, lifting and an easy run but wanted to get my sweat on so I did this

Next time I will either do 10 rounds or double everything to 10 and 20.  It was enough to make me sweat but not as horrible as I wanted it to be.

Friday morning I was on the treadmill for hill sprints.  YEP.  Do you know how incredibly hard it is to run at a 7:08 pace for 3:30 at a SIX PERCENT INCLINE.  dude.   hands down hardest workout yet.  Doing it 6 times too was no fun.    Not only did I work my ass of but….I’m an pretty sure I had to do this the day before my long run.  oh man.

Friday I was feeling kind of crappy most of the day and didn’t eat enough so I was terrified that my Saturday run was going to suck.  I made sure to fuel up properly the night before.

Along with fueling the right way, Friday also consisted of J and I driving the marathon course and dropping water or gatorade every 4 miles.

I have made it pretty far in my training without having to do this but with 20 miles on the agenda, I knew I didn’t want a fuel belt. Oh, and I also had no clue where I was going and was terrified of getting lost.

Saturday morning…. I was freakin nervous.   I had plans to meet my runner friend at mile 10 but I was still worried I wouldn’t finish it.  Once I was done freaking out, J dropped me at mile 1 and I was off to complete at least 20 miles.

I fueled with water/gatorade and shot bloks every 4 miles.  I made sure to watch my pace and not go out to fast.  I kept my mind busy with thoughts OTHER than “holy shit i can’t do this.”  I met with my friend at mile 10.

I think it was the combination of everything because I had an awesome awesome run.  I mean, the day after doing KILLER hill sprints, I go out and rock 20.5 miles with 8:45 average pace.  Seriously, that was the confidence boost I needed.

I was also a good little runner and got in the pool to stretch out immediately after my run.  It was recommended that I swim for 20 minutes.  Well, considering the pool was so cold that it doubled as an ice bath, I dropped it down to a whopping 8 minutes and called it a day.

The rest of the day was spent refueling, randomly stretching and cleaning the house.

Like I said, great weekend so far!



2 thoughts on “The past few days

  1. Great long run! Awesome pace! I’m hoping to copy you this weekend because my next 20 miler is on the books, and I’ll be in KY so I have to drop all my drinks the night before too. It worked really well last time we visited, but it wasn’t quite as many miles then. I’m part of a long run group in Birmingham that rotates who does the water drops, so I only have to do it about once a month. It’s really awesome not to have to use the fuelbelt for any Saturday long runs!

  2. Thanks!! It was definitely the confidence boost I needed! I am hoping this weeks long run can be a little faster even though I am hoping for about 2 miles more!

    Hope you ROCK your 20 miler!

    and you have a running group that drops water?! dude—i need you ALL to move out here ASAP. I need more running buddies not ONLY for the company but shit…now water drop rotations!

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