Sunday was a rest day to the max!  I spent most of the day shopping for some house stuff and doing a few things to spruce the place up, but that’s it!  Other than a nap, nothing else happened!  I really took advantage of the rest day!

This morning I was up bright and early to drive about an hour and a half to a 10k.  The Saucon Valley Rail Trail 10K.

This is how it went.

drive…a lot

get lost

drive more, get lost more


20 minute warm up including sprints

get to start line


Start race

Oh gee, all gravel trail, cool

Out and back 10K?


All down on the way out?

even better

wait.  That means ALL up on the way back


no such luck for negative splits


this happened

Heck yea!

I mean, I didn’t break any records but I ran my ass off. I ran hard the WHOLE time.

given it was 98% humidity, pouring and a crappy course with 350+ people

I will take it!

I never placed before so I am happy as can be

and now exhausted!



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