Just what I needed

So far this weekend has been a combination of everything that I was craving.

First. my run on Saturday was a planned stamina run.  2 hours….fast. Fast for me is anything close to an 8 minute mile.

I nailed it.  With my average pace a 7:55 and my fastest mile, mile 11, a 7:20, I needed that run to help boost my confidence!  I think it was the magical waffle and peanut butter combo before and the powerade after that helped me!

After my morning run…yes, there was an afternoon run too…. I needed some food.  I needed good company too.  That’s just what I got.

I always need time with my favorite girls, always.  Not only did they accompany me on my second run of the day but we also spent some time walking around a local street festival.

I needed company on my second run.  It was a run that was planned for hours after I completed my morning run, short and easy.  That’s what it was but at 3:00 on an 80 degree afternoon, I loved that I had some extra motivation.  Thanks guys!

My favorite restaurant is Sarah Street Grill.  It is a local place near where I grew up.  I haven’t been there in months, I needed to eat there.  needed

awesome beer list and a side of pickles doesn’t hurt. ever.

J worked super late friday night.  SUPER LATE.  I was craving some hangout time with him.  That’s just what I got

I also needed some quality time with some good friends.  The side of a few autumn brews never hurts anyone either

All around, I got every single thing I needed yesterday!

and today… I got to sleep in!  Yipee!  I slept till the oh so late 7 hour and I am currently on the porch, in a hoodie, drinking coffee and blogging.  This. is. perfection.

What is something you need or are craving?



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