Hi. I need to be honest about something.  Something that I don’t expect to change anytime soon.  I have worked on it. Hard.  But there is just no changing it.

I don’t know how to properly use affecting and effecting.  Ok?  there, I said it.  I have a friend that very nicely helps me with my grammar even though english is his second language but I just can’t do it.  So I am sorry that I am dumb and I give up and accept(?) that I will never know how to use those to words.

Whew…glad I got that off my chest.

Speaking of chest… i confess that this picture is SUPER deceiving.  Yes, I did ride my bike…on my trainer…in my driveway. But I look different from normal here.

I ran 5 yesterday and when I was done I got on my bike for 30 minutes of easy spinning. Holy legs. I need to spin more.  My legs were on fire

Another confession.  I have a tendency to listen to songs on repeat.  And then after hearing them 45,838 times in a row, I hate them.  That’s happening now, and my gangstaness is coming out

See that time on the picture?  4:52.  That is in the am hour.  Another confession….by 4:52 am I was already knee deep in a run.  I am talking fast, sweat your face off run.  I finished 7 miles all before 5:30 am.  And it wasn’t just any old 7 miles.  30 minutes of those miles were spent at a 7:20 pace.  Rough.

My final confession…for now.   In order to get 7 miles done before 5:30 am I was up by 3:30.  That’s not the confession part….
3:30am… I didn’t hate it.  Like I said… who am I?!


tell me….what do you need to confess?


3 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. I don’t wear socks in the winter, I put my ice cold frozen feet on Ryans legs until I can feel them again.

    Also- rumors are circling about a blogger not knowing how to tell time properly…………..

  2. I hate that song. I didn’t need to listen to it a lot of times to hate it! Things I love: your blog. You’re hilarious. We would get along in real life (and blog life, obviously).

    Confession: I like dogs more than most people. I also think people know that though.

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