Furry company and Foam rolling

Oh hi! There hasn’t been much going on over here, hence the lack of posting.
Since I had my long run Sunday rather than Saturday, both Monday and Tuesday were fairly easy days in the workout department.  I did some easy cross training Monday and Tuesday was an easy 3 mile run with some core work.

I am at that point in my training where I am over a schedule. I want to just be able to run by how I feel.  Yesterday, I felt good and would have like to gotten in some more miles but that’s not what the schedule called for.  I am also seriously missing CrossFit.  Yes, I miss the workouts but now it is effecting my brain!  I felt fit when I was lifting heavy weights and without that lifting I am starting to feel….fat.  I know I am not but the lack of lifting is messing with my brain.  I am concerned I will start to gain weight and that’s no good for my running!  I can’t help that I like to eat!

Anyway…..With my decent amount of down time I have been trying to learn to like my foam roller.  HA!  good luck with that one.  Yesterday I made sure to stretch and foam roll for at least 2o minutes. I did have some company

Are they not the cutest?  Weird thing happened though.  While I was rolling my hamstring, it bothered my quad. what?! yea, rolling my hamstring made my quad twinge with pain.  Not sure what that was about!

Since I am really new to foam rolling I am still trying to convince myself that the excruciating pain is normal.  I looked up a few more tips on foam rolling and found this infographic!

Tonight I have some biking and running on the agenda!  Probably a bit more corework too!

I need some excitement in my life….tell me something good!



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