Run and day of Fun

I’m such a tease making you wonder how my run went.  I am sure you lost sleep over it.  Well, after last weeks horrific cry-in-the-middle run, this week was the complete opposite

Let me tell you, I needed that.  I got up super early to drive about 30 minutes and meet a friend for 16+ miles of fun.  It was the first time I ever ran with this friend so I was a little nervous but I knew I needed company.  I needed to have a run that would help make me feel more confident and that distraction of a running buddy was just what I needed!

I ended up clocking just about 17.5 miles.  I felt SO strong finishing, my last 3 miles were all sub 8:00.  The run overall was the perfect 9 minute pace.  I felt strong and talked the whole time.  Seriously, I needed that.  It was just one of those runs where you finish and are all “running is awesome, I love running, la la la  rainbows and unicorns.”

After my run I went home and quickly showered to start my day of fun with J!  We have both been so busy that even though we live together, we haven’t spent much time just hanging out! After I modeled my new favorite shirt….

“Go fast, Take chances”

We hung out with the pups and took them for hike

Jake isn’t allowed on the couch.  as soon as he jumps up he immediately lays his head on my shoulder begging to be able to stay.  Not my rules, J says no. Sorry Jake!

We hiked a new trail and really just enjoyed each others company

It was the first time in weeks that J and I actually were able to eat more than one meal together!  Obviously this had to be documented

We finished the day by going to hang at a friend’s house.  While J enjoyed a few brews I opted for a little color and sweetness

Yesterday was such a nice Sunday. 🙂

What did you do this weekend that made it awesome?


ps- Go check out a story about a little girl that was taken way too soon and educate yourself on a horrible thing called SMA.  Not only will that make me happy, but I know she will appreciate it too.


6 thoughts on “Run and day of Fun

  1. I’m not a runner, but I know that nothing is more frustrating than a bad workout and nothing is more gratifying than a great one! Congrats on your awesome run!

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