Rather than word vomit, you ready for picture vomit?  Because here it comes!

Yesterday I continued the 14th day of my “waking up before 5am” streak with waking up at 3:15 am.  Why? The only good reason and that was to drive to Brooklyn to run the Color Run NYC!  It is a run that is not about speed and there are no clocks to be found, but more about FUN!  And that’s what we had!  A freaking ton of it!

Me and a bunch of friends left PA before 5am and headed east. We were all dressed in white prepared to get colorful. The race organizers didn’t lie, it really is the “Happiest 5k on earth.”

We all started nice and white.  As we ran there were color stations where we got splashed with color and at the end there was a color party and every 10 minutes participants threw their color packets.  It was so awesome.  I am a person that loves anything colorful and bright so this was right up my alley!

My mom came for the run too.  Yesterday made me realize even more how awesome my mom is!

We all left the run with big smiles and very colorful.  HUGE shout out to this chick for running the whole. entire. thing!  She totally rocked that run and I am so pumped for her.

Oh, did I mention I had a twin at the race?  We are so cute sometimes…

Although I felt like I had to seriously scrub to get all the color off, it did all come off.  I was hoping that my hair would stay a little colorful.  No such luck.

After getting back from the run it was time to go celebrate two awesome little girls birthdays!

I suck and have no pictures of the birthday girls but let me tell you, their momma is totally the hostess with the mostess.  It was a “Hungry Caterpillar” themed party and so awesome.  Next time I have a party, I am hiring her to come and make it awesome for me!

I was lucky enough to finally hang with this guy some of the afternoon though.  Every time I go to play with him he is sleeping rude.

Yesterday was such a busy day but so much fun.  I got home and crashed hard. I had a 17 miler I needed to wake up for this morning.  Wanna know if it was as horrible as last weeks or the best run ever?
Give me a little bit, I will get back to you on that



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