From now on, please only refer to me as “Coach” Or Mrs. coach if you must…

What. A. RELIEF.

Every time my email would “ding” the past two days I would rush to check it to see if it was my results.  Finally. I was mowing the lawn, not even thinking about it and this girl tweeted to me she got her passing results….

I PASSED! Whew. I was nervous but now I am so so pumped! And I can stop checking my email like a freak!

I celebrated my “Pass” with double unders.

seriously though… After I finished mowing the lawn I did a quick home.  I decided that I have no self-control and if I go to my gym for a WOD I will go balls to the wall, heavy weights and high intensity.  That’s a good thing, just not when I am trying to keep my focus on running.

Lunges, push-ups, air squats, sit ups and double unders later, I was done. anddd sweating my face off!

The rest of the night I spent hanging and annoying these two

I also sat on my front porch for the first time.  It was awesome and solidified the fact that front porches are awesome

I already have my cross training in for the day which gives me a free afternoon.  Not sure what I will do to fill my time but I do know I have an early bedtime tonight.

I am going to the big NYC tomorrow bright and early for the color run!

Happy Friday! Make it a great day!



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