McMillan Running

The weather here has been totally amazing the past few days! It is making me more and more excited for fall!  Yesterday I enjoyed the awesome weather with a date in the park with my BFF.

After sharing some fruit and playing on the swings I had a pretty quiet afternoon.  That’s one perk of running in the morning…a free afternoon!

Have you ever stumbled upon a website but not actually look at it?  You browse the content but then dismiss it?  That happened to me a few weeks ago with the McMillan Running website.  I saw it, clicked through a few pages and then moved on.  Well, yesterday I sat down and actually looked at it.  Woah.

On the website there is a running calculator that will use a previous race time to help calculate not only possible future race times but also optimal training paces.  I entered my most recent half marathon time just for fun and this is what I got:

Projected finish times of different distances

Based on a 1:42 half marathon, the race calculator spits out a bunch of different distances as well as possible finish times.  Clearly I was happy about the Marathon Time- 3:34.. perfect. 

Not only is there a projected finish time calculator but when entering a recent race time the website also gives optimal training paces.

I compared these times to a few goal paces that my coach has set for me.  My long runs are dead on.  8:15-9:30 is my long run pace every week.   I am seriously obsessed with these charts.  From breaking down the ideal pace for me to run an 800 all the way to what a recovery jog should look like, this calculator breaks everything down for you.

On top of paces and times there are also a bunch of really good articles.  One that I actually printed out and highlighted as I read was about the two different types of long runs.  Basically every other week should alternate between a long run that builds endurance versus one that builds stamina.  The endurance one is to help you get comfortable being on your feet for 2+ hours and mentally and physically prepare yourself for being uncomfortable.  The stamina run is to get familiar with running fast or goal pace, for an extended period of time (they suggest up to 90 minutes).

This website is awesome for beginners looking to get better at a 5K and experienced marathoners.  There is such a wide range of information that I feel like anyone can benefit!  Go check it out!



3 thoughts on “McMillan Running

  1. Isn’t it amazing?!! And it looks like you would be my perfect training partner. Not that I have run 1:42 yet, but that’s my goal for my next race so that I can rock 3:35 in my November marathon. Because it will happen if I run a 1:42. The calculator says so!:)

    • how about you come and run Steamtown with me in October so we can rock 3:35 together and be Boston qualifiers! I would pull a lot of strings to make that happen!!!

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