Remember Why You Started

Hello Hello!  Hope your hump day is going well!

Last night I met with a friend at a nearby lake for an easy 3.5 mile run.  Every other time I went to the lake to run I had done at least 2 loops around the lake.  Yesterday, we only did one and it was so nice knowing once I got around the lake once, I was done.  The weather was absolutely perfect too!

After my run I came home and pretended I knew how to cook.  Chicken stuffed with feta cheese and some fresh salsa.  Asparagus and sweet potato on the side.

I woke up this morning with a 45 minute tempo repeat run scheduled. It shouldn’t be too hot later but I decided to not chance it and I wanted a good, fast run so I headed to the treadmill.  I definitely pushed myself this morning!  5 miles in 41 minutes.  Nothing like a good sweat sesh to start my day!  I also rocked my endurance multisport T.  Plug for Mr. running coach man.

As per usual, yesterday I had a bit of a freak out about my running.  I needed to talk to someone so I emailed this girl. Basically it looked like a babbling journal entry where I went from one thing that is stressing me out to the other.  She is always good for giving advice and bringing me down to earth.  She reminded me of a few good things.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.  Newsflash. I have an ego. Shocking right?  I am going to admit that I am scared of failing. I am scared of saying, ok I am definitely trying to qualify, and then not.  But you know what, so what if I don’t.  It’s not the end of the world.  Any time faster than 4:02 (my fastest mary time) will be an accomplishment. But why not try to shoot for the stars and want a BQ. Yes, it will be hard and there is that chance I won’t get it.  But why let my ego and pride get in the way.

Keep it simple.  RUN. 
This one seems really duh. But think about it.  When I had a 1/2 marathon PR in April I didn’t complicate it.  I would run, I would run fast, run long, and run often.  Occasionally I would lift weights.  Yep, that simple.  I need to bring it back to basics and just run but most importantly remember why I love to run.

reorganize, rePRIORITIZE 
I want to do it all. I want to run and be able to do it fast. I want to do CrossFit and be able to do it good. Like, lift heavy weights good.  I want to run 50+ mile weeks. I want to do all. of. it.  Welcome to reality GM. I can’t do it all.  My body can’t handle as much as I want. If I didn’t have goals and I just wanted to run a marathon, I could do it all. But I want to run race a marathon FAST. I want to race a marathon and feel good about it. That means focusing on running.  6 weeks.  That’s it. Not 6 years, just 6 weeks of my life I will be setting my priorities towards running.  Once I am done with that I will be able to do all of it. Until then running is my main focus.

I considered giving up.  I considered that not wanting to run fast.  I was going to train to just run Steamtown, no time, no goal pace, no goal at all, just finish. Just finishing is an awesome goal, and that was my priority for every other marathon I have done.  But when I started really pushing myself and training hard in January I did it with October in mind.  I knew back in January that Steamtown would come and I would want to race it, not just run it. So why give up now. Why give up because I am scared?

Thanks to some awesome advice I feel refreshed and ready to go. I feel like I am ready to give these next 6 weeks everything.  Balls to the wall.  Whether I qualify or not, I will never know if I can until I try.

Boston, I’m coming for ya….



5 thoughts on “Remember Why You Started

  1. GM you got this…. Focus on running and get to Boston I am rooting for you and I’ll be there at the finish in Boston with custom made shirts and posters cheering you on….. You got this!!!!!

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