The worst yet

I don’t even know where to start.  This weekend was awesome and horrible and inspiring and draining all in one!  I had my CrossFit certification (which was amazing) but more on that later.  Let’s rewind to Thursday evening….

It started with taking advantage of the fall like temps that I love.

I had the perfect night-before-a-long-run.  Hydrated, fueled, rested.  The whole shebang.

Forward to Friday morning.

My run was awful.  I’m tired of shitty ass runs.  I push hard. I push harder. I get slower and slower. Something’s gotta give.  Mentally, physically. All of it.  At mile 11 I was defeated. Well, at mile 3 it was already game-on and I was working hard to keep 8:50 pace.  I am not knocking that pace at all, but that’s not where I should be. I should be more than comfortable there and working for 8’s.

Worst run of my life.  There was walking. a lot of it.  There were tears. A lot of them too.

The one run I didn’t have my phone, of course.  If I had a way to, I would have called for a ride.

4 days later I still get upset thinking about it.  It was a train wreck and then some.  I have been avoiding posting because I just don’t know what to say.

I need to look at my training.  overtraining in particular. I need to look at nutrition.  Not enough of something, but what?

6 weeks. That’s all I have left.  Only 6 weeks.  I have a lot of reevaluating to do. And tweaking. and getting my head on straight.  This weekend was killer on me mentally and physically.  Something’s gotta give.



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