TGIF.  well, for me at least 😛

Tomorrow I am taking a much needed personal day.  I have a long run, CrossFit studying and I get to hang with this stud and celebrate his birthday a day early!

We have been communicating via facetime all week while he is out of town but tonight Mr. Roommate comes home.  And I can’t wait!

Yesterday I had a day full of kiddos!  I had a nice lunch date with kiddo #1.  We shared pretzels like true BFF’s.

Between my dates with all the kids I had to come home and run.  I had a 30 minute run with some fast progressions thrown in.  It’s weird, after a few days of not running hard this run started out great.  I was going fast with what felt like little effort.  By the end of the run my calves were on FIRE.  holy crap.  I only ran 30 minutes but when I got home I immediately rocked compression sleeves the rest of the night!

I didn’t have much of an appetite last night, strange I know, so I opted for the healthiest dinner I could think of.

At least it was yogurt!  At dinner I was supposed to be hanging with kiddo #2 but someone was a little tired.

Today I have a 45 minute tempo run planned.  Strange since it’s the day before a 2 hour 45 minute long run.  I need to follow the coach’s orders though! Tonight I won’t do much. I am strange, and the nights before a long run I tend to just relax at home with lots of water. If I am not in bed by 9 I get anxiety about my run the next day.

Do you have any “night-before-a-long-run” rituals?


ps- go give this girl some words of encouragement.  She is injured part way into marathon training but still keeping an awesome attitude!


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