Not a whole lot going on over here!  I have been a bad blogger and have been forgetting to snap photos..of pretty much everything!

The past couple of days I was able to enjoy a MUCH needed massage and dinner with a friend.  The massage was great but unfortunately I am still painfully sore…more on that in a minute. I have also been studying my butt off for this weekend!

Dinner with this guy was good.  I was good and didn’t order a burger like I wanted.  I got a mixed greens salad with grilled chicken.  Good choice GM.  For some reason the salad was bangin’ and just what I wanted.  Win.

Now, in my last post I talked about how I did a bunch of pull ups but was still disappointed.  I wanted to clarify, I was disappointed that I didn’t do the entire workout like I planned.  I am stoked I did that many pull ups but it wasn’t the goal I set out to accomplish.

Because of all the pull ups and the 100 snatches from last week I am so.painfully.sore.  Like.  Ouch, don’t look at my back and shoulders because even looking at them hurts.  For real.
DOMS.  Ever heard of it?  Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.  Aka a bitch. 

DOMS is basically muscle pain and stiffness that appears typically 24 to 72 hours after working the muscle.  It is essentially little tears in the muscle and that is what causes the pain.  I know that this is what the heck is going on with me right now.  The past couple of workouts I did all focused on my upper body and especially my back.  The repeated exertion of the same muscles is what ultimately caused my supersoreness  (that’s the technical term).  Also the high intensity of the workouts played part in my DOMS.

I did a bunch of online searching to try and figure out what I can do to speed up my soreness recovery.

Rest.  Resting the sore areas is going to be my biggest help.  That means no CrossFit tonight. I am going to be smart about this so I don’t injure myself

Anti-inflammatory’s.  I am gonna be poppin’ ibuprofen like a winner today

Active rest.  I did swim yesterday but I don’t think that helped. at all.  Today I have an easy 30 minute run planned so hopefully that helps.

Luckily for my marathon training, my legs feel great!  Actually, this has been a seriously low mileage week so far and I am itching to get out and run hard, run long, just run.  Tonight I don’t get to run hard or long, but I at least get to run!

Off to keep studying and resting. Wish me luck!

Anyone have anything fun going on?  TELL ME!



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