Rest day, Day of Rest

Is anyone else jonesing for some fall weather?  Since I have a major craving for chilly temps, changing leaves and fall flavored everything, when I went to get a few brews last night I also picked up a sixer of pumpkin ale along with the best summer shandy.

Winner?    Shandy.  Definitely not ready for fall beers…..yet.

A few of J’s friends came to hang at the house last night and we just sat outside talking and drinking a few brews.
Reason #452 why I love this house?  People come and visit us 🙂

This morning was quite relaxing.  I love rest days not only because my body thanks me but also I like the excuse to be lazy.  J and I had a few errands to run so we stopped for some coffee.

Once our errands were done we headed our separate ways and I met with my family at the local lake for the day.  It was so nice just relaxing, reading magazines and laughing….always lots of laughing!

We did miss Jbone though!

I know I had a tough time mentally with my run yesterday.  Apparently some other people did too…  Well a while ago I picked up this sucker.

I am thinking that once I am done studying for my CrossFit certification at the end of the week, this should be the next read on my list! Any advice and suggestions on how to mentally toughen up can’t hurt right?!  If I find out any secrets I will be sure to share!

Since this is the beginning of Jface’s favorite week of the summer I thought I would remind you to get your shark week pants ready because it starts tonight!

I am off to prepare my life for the rest of the week and tidy up a few odds and ends before relaxing on the couch!

Any tips on how to toughen up my mental game?!



One thought on “Rest day, Day of Rest

  1. I hope you find some good tips in that book to share with us! I love running with other people because it helps take my mind off of things to have someone to talk to. When I’m by myself, I set little goals like taking a sip of water in .2 more miles or making it to the end of a song. Anything to get me over the humps.

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