Bad mental game

Last night after I finished my boring post, I had some quiet time in front of the tv and watched a movie.  Friends With Kids.  Definitely a good movie!  While I watched the movie I also made sure to drink tons of water in preparation for today’s run.

Right before the movie ended I made a last-minute decision…. Jbone’s birthday is in a week but I won’t be around since I am getting CrossFit certified next weekend (yikes!).  I decided to make him search for his gift a week early since he can use it on a business trip this week.

What does the best girlfriend in the entire world get her awesome guy?   Oh just the newest Ipad. Of course I made him go upstairs to come right back downstairs in search of that little gem, but I would say it was worth it.  He was more than surprised.

Happy Bday a week early love!!

This morning I got up nice and early to head out for my run and hopefully beat some heat.  Well, I beat the heat just not the humidity.  Wow it was muggy out this morning!  Anddddd…my mental game wasn’t there.  Not sure my deal this morning.  Rather than a regular long run today I had a stamina run where I had to complete a few miles, run an hour at faster than race pace and finish with sprints.  I kept stopping.  I kept psyching myself out about the time I think.  I don’t really know what it was but I am not super thrilled with how my results were.  I hit the times I needed but it was much harder than it should have been.  I really need to work on my mental game.  Lately  that has been lacking and in running, I think, is just as much mental as it is physical.

I got home and was the sweatiest I had ever been in all of ever.  I am trying to make sure to rehydrate today but I am doing a lousy job.

The rest of the day I spent it with my three best friends.  I especially liked hanging with this one 😉

The rest of the night I am planning on hanging with Jbone. He has work stuff this week so I need to soak up as much of him as I can! Lucky him!

Any exciting Saturday night plans?



2 thoughts on “Bad mental game

  1. I’ve had the same “mental game” issues lately! I just haven’t been feeling the motivation. Honestly, nothing is more frustrating than that.

    Have a good rest of your weekend!

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