Happy Friday 🙂

Today was a good, yet uneventful day for GM.  I started today by bringing back an old favorite….an early morning run!

I planned on running outside but the threat of rain and me melting kept me inside.  It was a good run though!  easy 45 minutes and 5 miles later I had to get ready for work.  Even though I wasn’t outside it was still nice to have company!

Hi Jim!

After work I got to see my BFF for lunch. It had been way too long since I saw her!  

The rest of my afternoon was nice and quiet!  Since I had my run out of the way nice and early I got to come home and nap, do laundry, get some weekend cleaning over with and finally hang a few pictures that I have been procrastinating on.

Now….I’m bored 😛  I will be spending the rest of the evening with the pups and some magazines.  Fast, longish run tomorrow that I need to be prepared for!  Any exciting plans for the night?

Have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Unimpressive

  1. That was a pretty sneaky skill…I did not know you were snapping pics…I could have posed better. 🙂 It was good to run with good company!

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