Running and Swimming

Dinner last night came out ok!  The only thing I would have added to make it better would have been spices.  Duh.  I forgot to add basil, salt, pepper,

Since I swam yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to look up how beneficial swimming can actually be for running.

When I met with my running coach for my run assessment he emphasized that I should really add swimming to my cross training schedule but I don’t think I actually appreciated how important it can be.

-Swimming is the opposite of running in that rather than the pounding on your lower body, it is low impact and focuses on mostly your upper body.  When I swim I go at a comfortable pace and stick to freestyle.  I am not good.  I wouldn’t ever think to race in the water but I know the basics and that’s really all you need!

-Swimming helps promote a strong core and trunk.  This is important because your core plays a huge part in how you run and proper running form.  Don’t be like me and run bent over.  loser.

-Swimming can actually help you recover quicker…who doesn’t want that!  Apparently the pressure of the water on your body and the typically cool temperatures of the water help blood flow.  This in turn helps carry waste and anything you don’t want lingering away from your muscles.

Besides lap swimming you can also run in the water.  YES!  Run in the water.

This is something I would do in high school if I was injured during track season. You simply use a flotation belt, hop in the deep end and run.  Don’t be fooled though.  This is freaking hard.  You won’t move fast even if you feel like you are exerting an effort similar to sprinting on land.  Slow and steady and you will get a great workout.

Two other ways to cross train with running in mind is weight training and cycling.  They are both, like swimming, low impact activities that can help your running.  This article explains how cycling and weight training not only helps increase bone density (which is important) but they also make muscles larger, help lower body fat and this all helps in preventing injury.

Today I am definitely feeling the swimming in my shoulders and triceps!  CrossFit later tonight should be interesting!

I have a long to-do list today so I better get started!  Have a good day!

What’s your favorite way to cross train?



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