Marathon Day

holy crap.  It’s 8 pm and I am finally sitting down to relax for the first time since 3:30 am.  Yes, you read that right.

Today was longer than long.  From working 9+ hours to make up some time, I went straight to the track to complete 8 Yasso 800’s.  Considering how horrible one of my speed days went last week, I am so so happy with how today went.  I completed all 8 sprints under the recommended time.

Even though my legs were definitely tired by the end, I never thought that any of the sprints were impossible.  Like I said, much better than last week!

I headed right from the track to CrossFit.  Tonight’s workout was heavy on the weights and heavy on the legs

4 rounds for time:

12 Deadlifts (Rx 135#)
20 pike ups
12 Cleans (85#)
8 Handstand pushups (with bands)

It took me just under 14 minutes.  I died.  well, almost.  My legs were done.  After the track and then all the heavy lifting I had a hard time.  My last round really had me diggin’ deep!

Between the track and crossfit I chugged a bunch of water and had a chocolate milk.  You need to remember to refuel, especially on hot days like this!  Lately when my stomach grumbles just a little between meals I am finding that just a small handful of trailmix really helps hold me off until my next meal.

This evening I went for a nice long walk with Jbone and the pups.  We are taking care of Trigger this week so we are spoiling him with a bunch of walking 😉

I am finally on the couch.  ahhhh……  actually, I should be studying for my CrossFit cert.  My awesome trainer gave me a bunch of tips on what to concentrate on so I need to get crackin’.  I plan on focusing on that tomorrow night.  I am also hoping to stay late after CrossFit tomorrow.  I am lucky enough to be able to work one on one with a super educated guy at my gym and he is going to help me break down each lift and what I absolutely need to know about each.  Like I said, I am lucky!

But for now I am plopped on the couch watching the Olympics and eating some Ben and Jerrys frozen yogurt.

I am going to sleep so good tonight!

Possibly more swimming before CrossFit tomorrow!  Hopefully it’s just not as crazy rushed as today felt.



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