Today started out with me being frazzled and I still feel that way now.  I woke up 45 minutes later than I wanted to but still somehow managed to only be 30 minutes late to work.  I am just that good or I just drive that fast.

After actually being pretty busy at work today I left and headed right for the pool.  Swimming wasn’t horrible.  I mean, I can definitely tell that I haven’t swam in 2 years but it was good.  My reward for actually getting in the pool?  Caramel mocha with skim please.

Once I got home I quickly prepared dinner so that when it came time, I could just throw it in the oven to bake.

In the mix: turkey meat, kidney beans, zucchini, tomato sauce.  I topped it with mozzarella cheese and it’s currently baking at 325 for 45 minutes.  I will let you know how it comes out!

After prepping dinner I headed out for a quick 30 minute run.  3.65 miles of progression sprints.  I felt good!  Much better than yesterday’s run to and from CrossFit.

Clearly it was hot out!

From my run I hopped in the shower and headed right out to the vet.  Jake had a check up. Clean bill of health for the little man!  See what I mean about today being non-frickin-stop.

While at the vet I saw my favorite person ever.

Tomorrow I have to fit in Yasso 800’s, CrossFit, Core work and 8 hours of work.  I mean, I really need to do something about this work thing…it’s just getting in the way of my training!

I hope tomorrow I am not as stressed as I feel right now….although it’s not looking too good!

Any advice on how to stop stressing the F out and fit everything in?


ps- Yo Momma!  Email me at  You won yourself some nut butter lady!


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