Concert time

This weekend was quite the success!   🙂

On Saturday morning I met with a friend to complete 16 miles.  This was the longest run I had done since May of last year!  I didn’t run as fast as I had hoped but I still completed all 16 miles!  The last 2 were killer.  Between the heat and the fact that I was adding 3 more miles than last week, I was ready to be done.

Throughout the run I had 2 shot bloks every 40 minutes and drank Nuun or Gatorade.  At mile 11 on the run we stopped for a refill of fluids.  It was just toooo hot to not have something to drink!  The new water bottle belt I bought worked out perfectly too!  I made it tight enough that it didn’t bounce or annoy me once!

I was so thankful to have someone to run with!  I am already looking forward to next weekends run 🙂

After my long run Saturday, Jbone and I hopped into the car and drove to Philly with two of our friends to go see an O.A.R. concert.  We had a blast!  Good food, good people, good music.  It was such a nice weekend!

Pre-show wheat beers

We ended up calling it a night around 11 which isn’t bad at all!  J and I had such a fun time!  We were able to catch up with friends and still had time to enjoy each others company.  After the busy past few weeks, we needed it!

Most of Sunday was spent being lazy.  I got some cleaning done around the house but not much more than that.  My three roommates were pretty exhausted.

Tonight is a run to and from CrossFit.

Don’t forget to win some nut butter!

Have a Happy Monday 😀



2 thoughts on “Concert time

    • I used to think “16 miles, thats nuts!” but the first time you do it, just like any distance you hit for the first time, you think, ohh that wasn’t so bad! 🙂

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