It’s Official

Hey Hey!!

Another good Friday in the books!  Unfortunately I missed this girl for my normal Friday afternoon, but I did get to meet up with momma bear for lunch!  We were going to be little piggies and get pasta from Olive Garden but decided to be a little more health conscious and opted for turkey sandwiches from a local deli instead. They are both loving and kicking ass in CrossFit.  That makes me so happy 😀

After I finished my lunch date I came home and bopped a bit before heading to CrossFit.  I am still realllllly sore from the million kettlebells I did on Wednesday but working out helped loosen me up a lot.  The second I walked into the gym today, I wanted to leave.  Today’s WOD?  HELL.

The Rx weight for women is 55 pounds.  Considering how sore I was and I have a long run tomorrow, I wimped out a bit and did 45 pounds for everything.  The worst part of that whole thing?  Step Up Push Press.  They. Were. HORRRRIBLE!  But I survived.  Honestly, I wish I didn’t wimp out.  I could have done the Rx weight.  I am kicking myself now.  Oh well.  next time.

Tomorrow I have a 2 hour 20 minute run planned.  I am switching things up a bit.  The friend that I ran St. Lukes Half Marathon with is running 16 tomorrow.  Now that I am basically her neighbor I asked if I can tag along.  I think the time and mileage should coordinate well.  I am hoping that having a distraction of someone to chat with will help make the time pass quicker.  We are starting about an hour after I normally do too so you know I am happy about the extra sleep!

I have a new, fun accessory to try out on my run too.

Hands Free Hydration

I also stocked up on some shot bloks to take with me.

**Little trick with those bad boys.  Cut them in half, roll those suckers in sugar and put in a plastic baggy.  Way easier to choke down since they are so huge.  The sugar helps so they don’t stick together too 😉

Another fun running thing I got today?

Oh yes, that is a foam roller.  I mean, I have no idea what to do with it but I am willing to try anything at this point!

As for the rest of the night?  Other than researching how to foam roll and some running related core exercises I will be hanging with these guys.

Friday night in with tons of water, a foam roller and too many magazines? It’s official….


Now seriously….how do I use that foam roller?


ps- don’t forget to win yourself some nut butter!


3 thoughts on “It’s Official

    • I am the worst and just buy them at Target or the food store. God forbid I actually look for a bargain 😛

      I have heard that raisins are a good alternative though, and a bit cheaper too!

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