That time I cried

My day started out pretty good.  I do know that I am so ready for friday.   I was a zombie this afternoon. I got home and decided to close my eyes for 2o minutes before my run.  Well, an hour later I woke up so confused.  I was passed out.  Not sure why I was so exhausted but the nap helped.

After I woke up I chugged some water and headed out for my planned tempo run.   It seemed like it was going to be a tough but not impossible run.

It was just one of those runs.  I had a decent warm up and then a couple of target paces.  I just couldn’t get it.  Mentally.  Physically.  I couldn’t move any faster.  I had 2 sets of 12 minutes at a fast pace.  The first one sucked but I made it.  I took a little longer walk break than planned.  Before I even started the second one I was already defeated.  I was about 30 seconds off my target pace.  I got back to my house after finishing a little over 6 miles and did what any normal person would do….

I cried.

Yes, I know it’s ridiculous but I couldn’t help it.  I was tired.  I had a bad run.  It was the only thing left to do.

Sure I was sore from last nights workout.  Yes, I ran at 3:00, the hottest time of the day.  Sure there was zero shade on my run. Oh, and I dropped my water too.  I know all of these things played into my shitty run but I am still really discouraged.  It is taking all my might to not email my coach a typical “holy shit I am never going to be able to do this, I suck so bad. I am the worst at running ever.”  I won’t do it. No matter how bad I want to.

Despite my sucky run I had a nice afternoon with Jbone.  We caught up on our day on the couch, grilled turkey burgers then went for a swim.

my strange boyfriend and his dog

Did you guys check out yesterday?  They had free downloadable wallpaper.  My new favorite quote….

“Run with your heart not with your legs”

Off to bed.  Hopefully I wake up feeling a little less like Boston is going to be too far out of reach. Wah



3 thoughts on “That time I cried

  1. Keep pluggin away hun!! You want Boston… Go and get it and when you run the marathon I’ll wear obnoxious bright colors with your name all over and big posters and signs and cheer you on as you reach the finish line… Then I’ll buy you a yummy Boston Beer or a Canoli the size of your head which ever you prefer!!

    You got this… suck it up and get back out there I bet today will be a better run! 🙂

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