Dogs, Dinner and WODS

I am tiiiiired today.  I am tired and sore and really wish it was the weekend already!  Half way there, right!?

I have been trying to avoid DD this week.  Not only will it save money it will save me calories too!  Well, this morning I didn’t stand a chance.  I had a tough time keeping my eyes open so a DD stop it was.

Besides being a track super star last night (HA) I was also busy with my first fur-child!  Poor Jake has been acting a little off lately and I noticed his ear was looking red.  Thank goodness our new vet is awesome, he squeezed us in last-minute.  Right from the track I ran home, changed out of my wet clothes, scooped Jake up and headed to the vet.  I am sure he appreciated my nasty stench….He being Jake and the vet 😉

It was super stressful for my furbaby! His ear was killing him and he yipped when they when to clean it! It definitely stressed me out too!

After a good ear cleaning, a few shots and a nail clipping we headed home.  He was exhausted from the stress though, I will tell you that much!

Once I got home Jbone and I sat down to eat dinner.  Crockpot Chicken and salsa!

Growing up this was a staple in my house!  We started hating and dreading the nights we would ask what’s for dinner and the response was ” chicken and salsa.”  It felt like we were eating it at least 2 times a week.  Now, I know it wasn’t that often, but it was still getting old!  Now I can see why momma bear loved it so much! It is soooo easy!

Typically I would use frozen chicken and a can of salsa.  Throw it in the crockpot on low for the day and boom you have a meal.  Since I had to stop for chicken on my way home from work yesterday I used thawed chicken and cooked it on high for about 3.5 hours.  One of my favorite blogs posted a recipe for this so I used her idea of adding in black beans and corn.  Served over brown rice….mmmm, it was delish!

On the schedule today: easy 20 minute recovery run and some CrossFit!

Big shout out to my favorite girls for completing their first CrossFit WOD last night!  They went to a gym by them and even joined for the month!  They loved it, and I love it MORE that they loved it!  I can’t wait till we can all workout together 🙂

I tell ya, this CrossFit bug is biting everyone!  They were both so nervous to go and after they went they realized how silly it was!  Just goes to show you that you can do anything you set your mind to!  My mom who had open heart surgery a little more than a year ago completed her first WOD last night.  I know it sounds hard and scary and intimidating, but seriously, if you have been considering a class…JUST DO IT!  It will be so worth it 🙂

See ya after some CrossFit!



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