After you run

Today I brought back a breakfast that I forgot all about!  Overnight oats for the win!

I can’t get enough nut butter lately.  Between Justin’s almond butter and cinnamon raisin from Peanut Butter & Co I eat these like champs!  For my “dessert” last night I had 1.5 graham crackers with a normal amount of cinnamon raisin pb.  It is so easy to go overboard with the pb.  I am trying to be normal about my eating, remember?

This morning on (one of my go-to morning websites) there was an article on run recovery.   This got me to thinking about what I do after a tough run or race.

Especially now that my runs are starting to get longer and longer I am trying to be more conscious about what I do after my run.  I know from experience that after a particularly long and hard race or run, if I sit and don’t do anything I am doomed.  It is always best for me to move throughout the day.  If I sit and relax and don’t move much I am the sorest person alive the next day.

In addition to making sure I move throughout the day there are a few other things I try to keep on top of after a run.

  • Fueling right away.  Ideally you want to eat within 30 minutes of working out.  A balance of protein and carbs is ideal so I usually go for peanut butter and toast or waffles
  • Compression gear.  If I am doing an especially long run I will wear my compression pants while I run but I always wear compression socks or calf sleeves after a run.

  • Drink.  and I am not talking about just anything (or booze like this chick), I am talking good old H2O.  Even throw in some Nuun while you’re at it.
  • Recovery running.  This is something I am just starting to learn.  In addition to moving the day of a run or race, try to go out for a very easy recovery run the day after.  Even move a little on an elliptical!  Moving will help loosen your muscles and help with the tightness and soreness!

I know a lot of people who also swear by ice baths.  I attempted that once. Let’s just say the most I got in was my pinky toe then I said screw it!

Tonight I have a tough speed workout planned- mile repeats!  I am super nervous about this one! Hopefully I will report back later with only happy running things 🙂

Any other run recovery tips I should know about?!



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