Clean eating and Falling

Happy Monday 🙂

I woke up a complete bitch crank.  I started my day completely frazzled for some reason but as the hours passed I decided that I am going to forget about my hate for Monday and make it a great day regardless!

I have been practicing clean eating the past few days.  I say practice because I am still learning!  I am more of a girl who will eat what is convenient aka processed foods.  Don’t get me wrong, I do eat healthy but there is always room for improvement.  I am trying to incorporate more real food into what I eat everyday and less desserts.  Rather than having a dessert after every single meal, I am trying to take on the mind-set that it is a treat not a necessity.

After my farmers market trip on Friday I cooked up some quinoa that I have been stalling on making.  I decided to make a cold quinoa salad with some of my vegetable goodies that I got.   I suck and got no after pictures but it turned out pretty good!

It ended up being a mix of, well, everything!

Here is what went in:

3 cups quinoa

bunch of cherry tomatoes

cooked zucchini

diced red onion


1/2 package feta cheese

3 pieces of cut up grilled chicken

added some pepper, oregano and basil too.

I am no chef and a few people coughwigginscough thought it sounded like a nast combo but I think it came out pretty good!  Full of veggies and protein and it tastes good.  I win.

Along with more real food I have been trying to have at least 1 protein shake a day and tons of water.  The protein shakes are good for me because not only could I use the extra protein but they keep me full for a long time.

I was thinking about my run Saturday…and how I fell 😛  It wasn’t the first time!  In fact, I have a pretty good history of eating the ground.  My most memorable fall was when I tripped over a manhole at a busy intersection.  I fell, slid, rolled…all of it.  Bloody knees, elbows and hands. I was so embarrassed that I jumped right up and started running like nothing happened.  I had blood everyyyywhere.  The friend I was running with could not stop laughing.  We eventually made a pit stop at a McDonald’s so I could beg for a few band aids and clean up.  I guess tired legs and uneven sidewalks are to blame? That’s why I try and stick to the shoulder rather than a sidewalk!

Any of you have any really memorable falls?!



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