*** Long winded post. Proceed at  your own risk

Meeting with a running coach was really nerve-wracking for me! I didn’t know what to expect and I definitely didn’t want to look like and idiot.

We sat and talked for a while.  We discussed my goals, whether they were realistic or not…because clearly I am already doubting myself.   We talked about my past with racing and training in general.  We even touched on the nitty-gritty such as proper hydration and fueling while running.

Once we were done chatting, it was time to run.  Unfortunately he hurt his ankle and couldn’t run with me so I was left to do a few warmup laps alone.  After about 1.5 miles at an easy pace I felt like I was warmed up.  Then he had me running a straight away so he could see my form running to him, away from him and from the side.  I did a bunch of back and forth’s, increasing my speed  each time and adding in a few progressions.  To finish the running assessment off  he had me run the same warm up but this time he counted my heel strikes and taped me a little bit.
This guy was awesome.  From the short time he watched me run he was able to teach me so much

  • My stride rate is dead on.  Ideally, a good runner wants the stride rate  to be 88-92.  I was at 88.  Apparently the higher the number the better.  And no matter how fast or slow you are running, you always want a consistent stride. Even for the slowest jog, your aim should be 88-92.
      To determine your stride rate, count the number of times your right foot hits the ground in 30 seconds, then multiply by 2.
  • I am…crooked?  My left side is a little wonkey.  You can even see in the bigger picture that’s as a header for my blog page, my left arm is a little strange.  Apparently I bend my left arm more than my right and I hold my left shoulder further away from my body than my left.  who knew!  Not sure where this is coming from, either tense neck/shoulders or possibly overcompensating for something wrong with my right leg?  I need to work on this
  • CORE. CORE CORE CORE!  my core SUCKS.  I can dead lift 200 pounds.  I have overhead press 85 pounds. I consider myself pretty strong.  NOT.MY.CORE.   When you run, proper form is essentially bending forward from the ankles so your entire body is propelling forward in a straight line.  I bend at the waist and that is ultimately because I have poor core muscles.  I need to work on this one the most.  I will be doing run specific exercises to work on this one.

Now—-here comes a doozy.  I need to choose. I need to decide what I want more.  Do I want a BQ or do I want to continue excelling in CrossFit.  Unfortunately it isn’t realistic to do both.  If I want to just run a marathon, I will be able to go to CrossFit as many times as I want.  I don’t want to just run it, I want to qualify.  With that being said I am going to have to cut back.  This makes me the saddest ever because I love it so much. BUT, it isn’t forever.  I am going to be going consistently until the end of August (when I am getting certified) but then after that I may only be going 1 (hopefully 2) times a week.  Like I said, it isn’t for ever ( i am going to need reminding of that a lot lot lot).

The last thing my coach said to me when we were done with the running assessment?  “Trust me.”  WOAH.   That’s huge.  He told me I will most likely not be doing any runs over 3 hours, but I will be doing double runs.  He said the he will be calculating every step I take.  The time of day I run, the pace, the distance, the amount of rest between hard-working sets…all of it.  TRUST HIM.  So… I have just about 12 weeks left.  12 weeks of completely letting him make all the calls in my training.  Homeboy knows what he is talking about so, let’s see what happens!


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