Sometimes, I hate “TIME.” Yes, time.  Oh, what’s that? You don’t know what I mean?  Let me explain….

  • I want to be able to run 50 miles a week and CrossFit 3 times a week  NOT in 1 month and definitely not never.  “It just takes time”
  • I want to be a personal trainer.  I want to be a Certified CrossFit Coach. I need to finish my certifications though ” It just takes time”
  • I want a job that I love.  I want to take what I am passionate about and use it  “It just takes time”
  • I want to be able to cook, and cook good! Whether it be following a recipe or making up my own, I want to be Master Chef GM “It just takes time” (this one will take the most time because i am the worst here 😛

See what I mean?!  There is so much going on in my life that will take time.  I guess it is a good test of my patience.

Yesterday I had a different workout to do from my coach.  It was a 50-55 minute run but during the run I was doing progressions, repeats and easy jogs.  I was worried I wouldn’t remember….so it was the first time I took notes with me while I ran!  Running with notes?!  I am tots getting hardcore

I also got a new pair of running kicks that I am trying to break in.  I never run all my runs in new sneakers at first.  I will do a  few miles here and there, but it will be a couple of runs before these are my “go-to” sneaker.  I did decide to go back to DS Trainers rather than the Noosa’s I was running in.  Good choice by me.  The Noosa’s were comfortable but I am so much happier in the DS’s.

This afternoon I met with my coach.  Dude, talk about nervous!  I will post more on that later… Let’s just say that I learned I have a lot to learn!



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