Running Thoughts

First thing…. please go check out the comments on this post.  Basically, my idol (aka the girl who went from praying she could sub-4 hour marathon to killing it with a 3:37) commented on a post.  Hello!  That means she had to of read my blog. Yes, I have a huge head right now.

Ok, where were we?

Busy week in the books for me!  I finished the weekend with really heavy legs.  I am not sure what my deal was.  I am blaming the 2 weeks of house stuff where I didn’t do CrossFit and my runs kind of sucked.  After my horrible long run this weekend I was waiting for my “I love running, running is the shit” run, and it didn’t happen.  Instead on Sunday and Monday my legs felt like they were full.  And I was pissed.  My training had me running to and from CrossFit last night (yes, I already love this coach) and I felt good!  It was a slow run but given I did CrossFit in the middle of a 7mile run and didn’t want to chop my legs off, I was happy!
I have been rocking my new fav shirt from my roomster friend.  Think I can consider it business casual and wear it to work?

And in other boring news, I ate a banana and the sticker gave me instructions, so listen is what I did.

such a loser

Lately, a few of my friends have asked me what I think about when I am running.  I couldn’t really answer that right away because honestly, I didn’t know.  The past few days when I ran, I payed attention to where my mind wandered.  I pretty much had the same thoughts every run

  • I would number crunch for miles.  What’s my pace? What’s the distance I am going to end up running after x amount of time? Should I speed up or slow down?
  • Freaking out.  My mind would be racing thinking about the marathon. I am almost worried that I am too far behind on my training.  So, using my fingers and all, I would go over my long run schedule 73 times, over and over again.
  • I’m hungry, what’s for dinner, what time am I eating, or something of the sort
  • Having an “A-ha” moment when I realize “So thiiiis is what I think about when I run”

The number crunching and freaking out are the biggest things. I am weeks out and I am so so worried I won’t be ready.  I feel like I should be killing 15 mile runs by now but in my head, I am nowhere near close.  Maybe I am, but I haven’t tried so I don’t know for real.

I meet with my running coach tomorrow and I already have a list of things I want to ask him.  Talking face to face is way easier than email. I pray that after meeting with me and being asked 4billion questions he doesn’t quit on me.
Tonight he has me doing another speedy run and then tomorrow I get to run with him.  I might try and sneak in CrossFit again tonight too, even though it isn’t on my schedule! Total badass, I know.

What do you think about when you run/workout?



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