Another good weekend in the books 🙂

Today my family and I packed up and headed to a local lake in hopes of swimming and catchin some rays.  Mother nature did NOT cooperate.  We got there and it was chilly and overcast most of the time.  We went for a boat ride, opened presents and enjoyed each others company for a little while before deciding to call it a day.

Miss Birthday girl got spoiled with lots of little blue boxes 😉  she more than deserves it though!

I got to spend a few minutes at the lake before the rest of the bunch showed up. I wish I lived on water so sooo bad!

The rest of my day was spent putting some more $$ into the house.  Carpets and decorations and…..the list goes on!  It’s getting there though 🙂

Earlier I mentioned a running coach.  Yes… I got a running coach.  What happened is…my dad had a triathlon coach for a few months and ended up having a few months that he didn’t use.  Luckily for me the coaching was transferable and I was able to take the credit he had and use it towards marathon training.

Why get a coach?  I want to learn to do it the right way.  There are some aspects of running I’m good at and some that I am just plain horrible at.

Sticking to a schedule, pushing myself and trying my best? I can do that.  Proper nutrition, how many miles a week I should run, scheduling days of long, easy and speed workouts?  Not my strongest point.

I want to go to Boston.  I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  That would be freaking HUGE.  My fastest marathon is 4:06.  That means I literally need to cut more than 30 minutes off of my best time.  Now, I think know I have gotten faster over the past year.  A 10 minute 1/2 marathon PR is big for me.  I busted my balls and did better than I could have hoped.  So, why not shoot for the stars with my marathon time?  Realistically I will be beyond pumped with a 3:45 marathon.  But SCREW being realistic.  I want Boston.

I have one of the best trainers in the business helping me.  I am going to work with him to get a personalized training plan.  We will work together and communicate every day about how I feel and plan my training accordingly.  He knows I love CrossFit.  He will also soon learn that I am going to be a pain in the ass.  I want to learn as much as I can about training the right way and becoming the best I can be.

Why not, right?  This will definitely be  a huge learning experience for me and I am hoping to suck up as much as I can.

So far?  Training based on time not miles—whaaaaat?!  I am not used to that or a fan of it either.  My long run this weekend wasn’t scheduled as X amount of miles.  It was scheduled as a certain amount of time.  That’s so new to me.  Tell me to run 14 miles.  Don’t tell me to run 2 hours and if I stop on mile 14.32 it’s ok.  Uhhhh….14 or 15 is more like it.

like I said, this will definitely be a learning experience for me.  I am hoping to learn a bunch of new things and some I will even share as I go!



5 thoughts on “Coach

  1. “He will also soon learn that I am going to be a pain in the ass.” – ha! I’d hope a high tolerance for “pains in the ass” is a requirement of being a run coach. Taper crazy, hello??!

    Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how it works out and how you think it affected your training and race.

    • I am already overanalyzing every step I take and freaking out, while I am still weeks away from the race! Hope this guy is ready for the book of questions I have for him when I see him tomorrow. It’s going to be a long 16 weeks for him!

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