Happy weekend 🙂

Sunday mornings are my favorite day of the weekend.  I usually have my long run done Saturday so Sunday, even though I naturally wake up early I still get the time to sit and enjoy the morning.  Coffee, pajamas, computer and pups.  I rush rush rush in the morning 6 days a week.  Sundays, I really love!  Ask me at 3:00pm how I feel about Sundays and the thought of getting ready for work the next day? That’s a different story!

After my two-week hiatus from CrossFit I went 4 days this week.  Man am I still so sore from it.  After not going for a few days I forgot how awesome and fun it was!  Thursday afternoon I ran to and from the gym (about 7 miles round trip) and had super tired legs from it!

I was planning a rest day Friday but my newly hired coach (more on that later) had me running 30 minutes of minor speedwork.  So, speedwork on a rainy friday it was. Bleh.  Needless to say today I am taking a much needed rest day!  Even the calluses on my hands thank me 😉

Saturday morning was for my long run. It sucked.  I am still not happy about it.  Actually, really discouraged by it.  I am being a baby and don’t want to talk about it either.  Lets just say my pace was way off, I struggled every step of the way and had to cut it short too.  Not good.  At least the rest of my day made up for it….Saturday we spend the day celebrating my dads birthday!

I am super lucky to not only have young parents, but awesome ones too!  My dad is hands down the FUNNIEST, most generous person I know.  He will do pretty much anything for anyone.  I am so lucky to have him as my dad.  We had a nice time Saturday and plan on continuing the birthday celebration today for my MOMS birthday!  HOLY MACARONI this is the birthday week in my family 😀

Saturday night was quiet for J and me.  We had some house things to do so we hung out in the garage until later in the night and did homeowner things 😛

Watermelon Beer helps

A little more relaxing this morning then its off to hang with my favorite people again….my family!  Apparently I can’t get enough of them!   Happy birthday to the birthday girl!!!!!!

Whats your favorite part of the weekend?



4 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Watermelon beer?!? That definitely sounds like a must have, especially if you’re doing housework!!

    Sorry about your LR…i think we all have those bad ones, but that’s what makes us stronger, more determined runners!! You’ll be back on track next week 🙂

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