I love running.  Duh.  But, you know what else is something I have come to love more and more? CrossFit.  This may be a little long winded…..bear with me.

It is the most intense, muscle confusing workout I have ever, EVER taken part in. Sure there are days that suck and make me never want to go back…ok the never go back part is a lie….but some days suck and who cares?  It is still awesome. It still kicks my butt whether I go every day for 3 weeks or skip 2 weeks and come back.  Each workout is tough and gives me just what I want.  The best part?  My muscles are thanking me for it, and starting to show their stubborn little heads more.

But there is more to it than just an awesome workout.  Yea, you read that right.  It is more than just a kick-ass, make-you-wanna-puke kind of thing.

It’s the camaraderie.  The people.  When I first started I was so nervous and barely talked to anyone and now part of the reason I go is because I look forward to seeing my friends 🙂  CrossFit isn’t about beating the person next to you, it’s competition with yourself.  Even at the games this weekend, you can see how everyone cheers each other on.

And honestly, that’s the norm, not the exception.  I am coming to learn that who cares if I finish last even though I am using the lightest weight.  I am not trying to beat the chick next to me.  She isn’t trying to beat me.  The goal is to better YOURSELF.  I am trying to work on me.

I know a few people who are hesitant to try CrossFit not only because of how hard it is talked to be but also because of the other people.

” I am going to look dumb”

“I have no idea what I am doing”

“I won’t do good or even worse, I won’t be able to do it at all

PSH.  yea, PSH. that’s what I have to say to that

excuses.. that’s alllll they are.

When you first start anything new, just like running, it’s hard and new and confusing but any workout can be modified.  Either by weights or reps or the whole workout itself. Anyone can do CrossFit.  And the least of your worries?  What you look like to the other people there.

After my 2 week hiatus I was, honestly, pretty nervous to get back at it.  Now I look back and think how silly I was being.  I got back to the gym and felt so welcomed.  A few people even came and gave me a hug!  You ever see that happen at your Gold’s gym?  I don’t think so.  That guy that you see every morning at 5am 5 days a week… you are lucky if you even know his name.  That is not how CrossFit is.  It becomes so much more than just an awesome workout.

In particular, the other day was hang cleans.  That’s an exercise I have never done before.  I lifted heavy but it left me wanting more. I struggled through 3 reps of 85#.  I wanted 95# bad.  real bad.  I had a group of people cheering and encouraging me the entire time.   A few times I psyched myself out and picked up the bar to just drop it.  They called me out on it. My peers helped coach me through.  And because of them I got 95.  It wasn’t pretty but I got it and I think they were just as excited as me.  Next time?  I will kill 95# and work for 105.  It wasn’t only because of me busting my ass to get it, but also because the people there.  They are awesome and I love them 🙂

If you have the chance, try CrossFit.  Give it a shot….give it a couple of classes.  Just.Freaking.Try.  Not only will you start looking like a smokin’ hot babe, but you will most likely meet some awesome people too.

Most gyms will let you do your first class free.  *Ask me- my gym has family and friends the first saturday of every month, come with me!*



2 thoughts on “CrossFit

  1. Hey GM! Just wanna say I love your blog read it all the time… I agree with you 110% I started crossfit beginning of the year… the only prob I have is that is Mucho expensive, how do you afford crossfit and do you have an suggestions for how to stick with it but not burn all your cash?

    • Hey Ashley, thanks for reading 🙂

      CrossFit definitely is really expensive but I look at it this way, you are (in most cases) getting the individual attention that a personal trainer would provide. Personal training costs way more. I’m not sure about other places, but my gym allows you to go as much as you want the 6 days a week they are open. You get to pick the trainers brains about anything. All the perks of a personal trainer without the high cost. Also, I have tried a lot of different training programs and I have never noticed such a huge difference in my body as I do now with CF so I know it works.

      Since fitness is such a big part of my life, I would rather cut corners in other places in order to get to my gym. I guess it’s about prioritizing? I rarely buy breakfast or lunch out and even little things like an iced coffee every day adds up. The more of a conscious effort I make to save a few bucks, the more I find other ways to do so 🙂 Hope that helps!

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