Slow Down


Relax a little

I’m not talking to you,

well, I am, but I am saying it so I hear it

We all need that reminder every now and then, right?

Yes you have a million things to do

and the list just keeps on growing

and growing

longer longer longer

but guess what

It will get done!  Maybe not right.this.second.

or even by next week.  But it will get done!

Last night? I stopped.  I took care of ME.

I got my run out of the way early and took advantage of CrossFit

and DD delishness

I hung with my two neglected friends

Sure, I did a few things like vacuum and dishes but not 100 of them like I planned

Instead, I relaxed

Ate some good for me food

And watched TV. and painted my nails.  And celebrated my birthday again

And spent more time with my furry friends

I just gave myself an hour. 1 single hour

and that single hour was glorious

I have been craving that

I am always go go go

always stuff to do


it will get done

remember, I need to hear this probably more than you

Do me a favor, do yourself a favor…

something you have been wanting to do for YOU lately

do it



sooner than later



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